A couple of years backs we have been seeing the decline of Nokia and sad speeches from the CEO. However, smartphone enthusiasts have been expecting to see their favorite Nokia phone Android.

The good news is, the beast is back and this time as an Android phone. Rumors are around that Nokia 8 is believed to be the code name for the new flawless android phone on the planet and fans are just eager to get a blast of nostalgia when the company reveals it.

>> See Nokia 8 Full Specifications <<

Not only that, the company also reinvented that 17 years old 3310 set that was sold to over 125 million people back then. It had the popular snake game and a ringtone that kept you entertained.

So, if you are super excited about getting your hands on the new Nokia Smartphones with Android and the legendary 3310, here are 10 things you need to know about them.

1: Manufacturing

You’ll be surprised to know that Nokia 8 will not be manufactured by Nokia Corporation but HDM Global. Back in May 2016, HDM Global purchased the entire phone business of Nokia from Microsoft Mobile. Don’t worry, it’ll still have the Nokia Logo on it.

2: In China, Only for Now

Though they are officially launched but the bad news is they are in China only for now. The first one is expected to be sold in China. The mobile is expected to go on sale at JD.com which is one of the China’s largest online retailer that sells different stuff including tech. They might be available on Alibaba as well. The only way you can get your hands dirty with this new smartphone is through importing it.

3: Expected to Be Sold Globally This Month

There was a teaser announcement on February 26th on the official Nokia Mobile’s Facebook page that the smartphone is expected to be sold globally in March or hopefully in May.

Though the company hasn’t given out any exact release dates, license owners HDM Global are expected to give another huge Nokia-related announcement soon and is expected to be the global launch. Let’s hope it gets available on Amazon as well.

4: Nougat Flavored

The new Nokia 8 will be Android 7.0 Nougat and will have some enticing features. Not as the old weird operating system that Nokia used to have.

Though 7.1 is already out, you still have the latest version. Some worthy features include multi-tasking, new notification system outstanding camera and a solid body.

5: Appears Like Lumia

From the first sight, it looks very much like the Nokia Lumia, but is dead slim with squared off edges. The built is also different.

Lumia had the metal edges with plastic on back, but this one made entirely from a block of aluminum. Not even a hammer smash will cause any damage to its body. You’ll have a weapon in your hand. Not to mention that Microsoft still owns the rights to PureView camera tech and ClearBlack displays. So, don’t expect them to be present in the new smartphone.

6: Killer Camera

The new camera of Nokia 8 is expected to be 24 Megapixels primary and 12 Megapixels on the front facing camera featuring Optical Image Stabilization and Super Electronic Image Stabilization that reduces any motion blurs and those frustrating effects of device shakes.

7: Storage

They’ve killed it even on the storage. This smartphone comes with two different models. One is the 64GB and the other is 128GB of inbuild memory. You can expand it further to 256GB using a memory card.

Beware, the Android rooters, this Android phone may not be like your typical Android phone rooting.

8: Finger Print Technology

It is expected that the new Nokia 8 will have finger print scanner on the back side or on the side of the device. However, we are not completely sure about this feature but foreseeing some hi-tech features, you can expect it to be there.

9: Processor and Display

You’ll be awestruck with the Quad-HD super AMOLED 5.7 inches display boasting a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels and ultra-fast processors that’ll easily bear all the load of your favorite games and other apps.

10: Two Different Models

Last but not the least, the Nokia 8 is expected to come in two different models. One will features 6 GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 SoC and the other one 4 GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 Soc.


What is your take on the Nokia Comeback? Will you buy the New Nokia Android Smartphones? Share your thoughts in the Comments!


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