Pokemon Go; How to Get Started?


We have seen a wild mobile game taking charge of the internet last month. The popularity was insane that it even outnumbered the leading social media platform, Twitter within a few days.

Though the people in only two countries got the opportunity to download it officially, the APK file providing sites helped others to install the game without sweating much. And, the extortionate response took Pokemon Go to have more than 30 million downloads within 20 days of the release.

Even when the Pokemon Go fever goes on, there are some who doesn’t download the app. Are you one among them?

Then, I am going to walk you through the process of getting started with the game.

Introducing Pokemon Go

You might have played the title in the 90’s. The old version lets you roam around in the virtual world to catch and train Pokemon.

Here the core idea remains the same but, you have to catch them from the reality! Yeah, you heard it right! Nintendo and Niantic made it possible by making use of the new technology called Augmented Reality which involves the seamless blending of virtual objects in the real world.pokemon 2

How to Install and Do Initial Setup?

Being available on both Android and iOS, Pokemon Go never leaves you in a dilemma. As for any app, you can download it from the respective app store (be it Play Store or iTunes). In case you are unable to find the app listing there, chances are your country is not supported.

Don’t worry! Click here to download the Pokemon Go APK file of the latest version.

First, you have to sign into your Google account via the game or sign up for a Pokemon Trainer Club account. It saves all your data and game progression on the cloud so that you can keep on playing right from the moment you ended during the last session. Hence, one of the two login methods is mandatory.

After the sign up (or sign in), you must customize the digital avatar. They have created extensive customization options like skin, hair, gender, outfits, etc. You shouldn’t dedicate much time for it as the customization is possible later too.

That’s it. Right after the avatar creation, you will see the main playing screen.

What’s on the Pokemon Screen?

Pokemon Go makes use of the GPS feature to present the map on your screen. The Pokemon Map is the animated version of Google Maps itself. The landmarks and roads are shown on the map, named PokeGyms and PokeStops.

You must move in the real world to catch Pokemon. Once you get your feet going, the virtual character does the same too.

The following are the objects you see on the Pokemon Go screen.

Backpack: – During your journey, you will come across a lot of items to pick up. All of them are stored in the backpack.

Player Icon: – On the bottom left corner, you can see the player icon. Tapping on the same reveals the character details and achievements.pokemon 1

Pokemon–  Provides you the details on all the available Pokemon in your region.

For a beginner, above-given screen objects are enough.

Let’s Get into the Real Action

After the avatar customization, you get three different Pokemon choices. Pick one and shoot your Pokeball towards it. There you go! Once you catch a Pokemon, the other two will fade away.

Note: –  You may find it difficult to aim and shoot with your fingers. Don’t worry! With time, you are going to be the best Pokemon trainer.

To catch Pokemon, you have to walk. Make sure you visit public locations like tourist places because the chances are more for you to find more there.

You will not even see rare Pokemon at the start. But as you level up, more of them come your way.

There are about 100’s of Pokemon and obviously, you can’t catch all of them. Some of them are rarest that they can only be seen in some particular geographical areas.

Whenever you find a Pokemon, your phone vibrates and makes a unique voice. Not seeing any Pokemon even after the beep?? Then, you have to move your screen around you with the guidance of the navigational arrows.pokemon 3

As the game goes up, you may not be able to catch some Pokemon by throwing a single Pokeball. If you find a creature escapes from your first attempt, use multiple balls. Don’t shoot blindly in a shortage.

Eggs and Incubators

Sometimes during the saga, you will come across Poke Eggs. Using the incubator you already own, turning them into a Pokemon isn’t a tedious task. But you have to walk around to make the incubation happen. Depending on the type of egg, the duration of the walk varies.

Got multiple eggs?

Then, you should purchase new incubators to occupy them.

How to Level Up?

In order to level up your Pokemon, you have to use candies and Stardust (from duplicate Pokemon). Moreover, you can send an unwanted Pokemon to the Professor to evolve and level up.

Candies are specific that you can use one type for only one kind of Pokemon.

Fighting with Other Players

On level five, you need to join one of the three teams once you reach a PokeGym. Instinct (Yellow), Mystic (Blue), or Valor (Red) are the teams. As you just read, they have fixed colors.

Your team should take over a gym to train the Pokemon inside. When you find another team dominates a gym, attack them to get the control.

That’s it. You have got enough information than a starting guide.

Wrapping Up

Haven’t you downloaded the game yet?

Go on and install it right away. As I have given you all the details needed for starting up, I won’t think of any difficulty.

In case you encounter any issues, feel free to drop a comment down below. I will be more than glad to help you out.

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