Hi, Our website [TechInsider NG] is open to Advertisers, we accept all forms of Adverts ranging from Banner Ads, Sponsored Posts, Link Ads and our prices are Pocket friendly..

advertiseOn this blog, we will be discussing various Topics that pertain to Technology such as: Computers, Internet, Mobiles, Gadgets, Programming, Android, Tech News, Startups. e.t.c. So, if you have ads in this niche or any related niche, you can send them in.

Banner Ads Slots Available on Blogging Tips Today

  1.  Square – Sidebar (250×250)
  2.  Leader Board  Ad – Top of the Site  (728×90)  
  3. Rectangle Ad – Sidebar (300×250)

Note: All Banner Ads are visible on all pages on the blog and on Mobile Devices.  

Sponsored Posts and Sponsored Reviews

 Sponsored posts – Sponsored posts are posts written by you or us and includes an Author Bio with a link to Your Business website. Please note that the sponsored posts must be of high quality as you must have seen that posts on this blogs are of high quality and minimum of 800 words.

If you don’t have a good writer that can deliver such good content, you can always hire us to do the writing for you, but if you can find someone, it’s okay.

Sponsored Reviews  – You can get your products, website or business/services reviewed on this blog. If it is a product or a service, we would like to try it out – so we will need a review copy of the product or a review access to try your service before reviewing it.

Please note that I will only write an honest review about your product or service – giving out the positives and negatives (if there are any). But you can request to preview my review post before I publish it on this blog, if you want to give your opinion.

Payment method.

  1. We accept Payments through Paypal, Direct Bank Deposits and Payoneer.
  2. Payment are all done in Nigerian Naira OR United States Dollar (USD).
  3. Payment must be received prior before banners/ads are visible.
  4. Due date for payments will be 30th of every month except for February which is 28th.
  5. In the case of late payment, the banners will be up for additional three (3) days as mistakes and overlooking happens!
  6. There is no late charges or penalty for late payers but I have the right to discontinue the service when it is expired.

So, if you want to advertise on TechInsider, or have any Questions or Ideas about Advertising; you can send us a mail for through our contact form on our contact page and I will get back to you ASAP.  

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