Rumour: Apple iPhone 7 could Ditch the Headphone Socket to make it even Thinner!


Rumour has it that the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 could appear without a headphone port in order to make it thinner than the iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 conceptApple could be preparing to remove the headphone port on its next iPhone , if internet rumours are to be believed. The move would allow Apple to create an even slimmer iPhone ready for release next year.

According to Japanese site MacOtakara , the new phone could use Apple’s proprietary lightning port as a headphone jack as well as for charging and data transfer.

Of course, that would mean buying certain headphones or investing in a specially-made adapter. The iPhone 6 is the slimmest phone Apple has yet made at 6.9mm, but was hit by accusations of bending under pressure.

However, abolishing the circular headphone port could help shave an extra 1mm off the body – according to the rumours.

Apple isn’t expected to reveal its next iPhone until the end of next year, so rumours at this stage can be taken with a heavy pinch of salt.


Would you want an iPhone without the headphone port?


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