Book Your Seat for the Infinix #Hero3logy Launch!


Infinix is at it again, I thought there will be no more devices launch from Infinix after the launch of the Infinix Note 2 few weeks back but Infinix have decided to surprise us with the launch of the Infinix Zero 3 dubbed Hero3logy!

infinix hero3logy

Infinix Zero 3 is meant to be the third in the series of the Zero Devices, hence the Hero3logy campaign which signifies “3logy” or “Trilogy”; meaning “A set of three literary or dramatic works related in subject or theme”.

The Infinix Hero3logy launch will be taking place in Cinemas on 15.12.12 and the Infinix Team have opened up the invitation to everyone especially their fans, but you need to reserve your seat if you will love to attend the Infinix Zero 3 Launch.

You also stand the chance to win the #HERO3LOGY device itself when you register. 


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