Facebook CEO; Mark Zuckerberg visits Nigeria


Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is having a tour of the Sub-saharan Africa and Nigeria is Mark Zuckerberg’s FIRST STOP on his FIRST TRIP EVER to Sub-Saharan Africa. He made a stop at Lagos, Nigeria yesterday. He was at the Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CCHUB) Yaba, the dubbed silicon valley of Nigeria.

He met and interacted with various Nigerian Techies and StartUps at CCHUB. On His Facebook page, Mark said: “This is my first trip to sub-Saharan Africa. I’ll be meeting with developers and entrepreneurs, and learning about the startup ecosystem in Nigeria. The energy here is amazing and I’m excited to learn as much as I can.¬†Our first stop is the Co-creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB) in Yaba. I got to talk to kids at a summer coding camp and entrepreneurs who come to CcHub to build and launch their apps. I’m looking forward to meeting more people here!”

Below are some pictures of Mark Zuckerberg visit to Nigeria at Co-creation Hub, Yaba, Lagos.


It is really great to have Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria, We at TechInsider NG wish you a happy and memorable stay in Nigeria.


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