Top 10 Facts You need to Know about the iPhone 7, Especially #7


The much awaited iPhone 7 is here. The company hasn’t released much of its specifications before the official event. And, that made millions of avid techies impatient to see the gadget live in action.

Now that the specs have been finally announced, I am going to share ten facts about iPhone 7 you should know. Being an iPhone lover, I know you are impatient to read the facts. So without further ado, let’s begin.


Top 10 Facts You need to Know about the iPhone 7

#1. Audio Jack Has Been Removed

One of the noticeable facts on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is the lack of audio jack. We had been hearing they might remove the audio jack for a while now. But it became a reality that you can’t attach a 3.5 mm headphone jack directly to the iPhone.

How do you connect the earphone to the phone? Well, the company ships an adapter inside every package that you will not face any difficulty with the playback along with your standard earphones.

But you can’t listen to the music via the normal headphones when you charge the device.


#2. The Wired Earphones Have Become the Past

You do get a set of earphones inside the iPhone 7 package. Guess what? They look weird without wires. All of us need time to get used to it.

You can connect the earphones to your iPhone via Bluetooth and start the playback right away. Literally, no strings attached.

Without wires, you may easily lose them considering the smaller form factor.


#3. Dust and Water Can’t Damage the Phone

iPhone has finally become dust and water resistant. You can now go to swim without having the fear of your phone, getting damaged by the water.

Even in the pool, you can use the phone and an accidental dropping never impair it. And, you will not have to concern much about the safety of iPhone during a rainy day.

Moreover, the device is dust resistant too.


#4. Shipping Date

You know the iPhone has been officially launched, don’t you?

Though Apple launched the final version, they haven’t started shipping the product. They allowed us to preorder right from September 9. But the shipment will be started on September 16.

So, you have to wait some more days to get your hands on the royal device. Haven’t you preorder yet?

Go ahead and do it right away to be one of those rare people who get a chance to bag one unit on the first day of shipment.


#5. There Will Be Two Versions

Just like the previous year model, iPhone 7 will have two variants. I am not talking about the storage variants.

Based on the screen size, Apple has two versions of their latest phone; iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The first one will be the smaller and sport a small memory as compared to the latter.

If you want a handy iPhone, you should go for the lighter version. In case all you need is a bigger display with some powerful under-the-hood innards, I recommend you must buy iPhone 7 Plus.

#6. Different Colors

The design of any iPhone is a treat to watch. Apple didn’t sacrifice the same with the newest one too, though it resembles more or less the previous iPhone.

You can buy iPhone 7 in six different colors with Jet Black as the latest addition. If you love the space grey color, you can’t find it here. Apple didn’t release the phone in space grey color.

Jet Black is a slight different shade of Black itself.

The following are the different colors in which you can buy iPhone 7.

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Rose Gold
  • Gold
  • Jet Black

#7. Zooming with No Quality Sacrifice

Have you ever wished to get a zooming facility in smartphone that doesn’t ditch the quality?

All the phones with a camera today features zooming feature. But the fact is when we use the zooming button, all we get is blurred images that even nowhere in a nightmare we saw.

But Apple has changed the much followed convention on smartphone (there are some exceptions, though).

iPhone 7 features a 10x zooming with a dedicated button to do the trick. You can zoom 10x without even a pinch of drop in picture quality.


#8. No 16 GB Variant This Year

If you look forward to buying the 16 GB version of the iPhone simply for the iExperience, you will have to be disappointed, because no such version is available this year.

Given the absence of an SD card support for the memory expansion, 16 GB variant of iPhone didn’t make any sense. Even a basic phone user fills the free storage quite fast that the phone becomes useless soon.

That’s why Apple has dragged the 16 GB variant out of the equation. You can buy 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB versions.

#9. You Will Get iOS 10

Another reason that brings you close to buying the latest iPhone is the presence of new OS. With every iPhone 7 unit, you will be getting the new iOS 10 out of the box.

The performance and battery backup have seen a serious boost up on iOS 10 even when installed on iPhone 6.

#10. Extra Battery Backup

Sure, there will be serious performance upgrades. And, another reason that entices every iPhone lover is the extra battery backup.

Apple promises 2 hours of extra battery backup on iPhone 7 as compared to that of the previous version.

Wrapping Up

You have finished reading top ten facts you need to know about the iPhone 7 now.

As I said earlier, the company will start shipping a few days after, on September 16. You must can pre-order now to get your hands on your very own unit.

Don’t forget to share this article with your tech-buff peeps to pound their heart.



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