How to Disable Whatsapp Auto Download of Images and Videos


I know WhatsApp is a great App, and it is one of my favorite mobile applications because of the good UI & great features it possess but when it comes to images and videos, WhatsApp can be a pain in the a**s. Like most people, I am a member of various WhatsApp group and different people on these groups tend to share images and videos at will and it is very annoying when you wake up on a beautiful morning to discover that your phone has auto-downloaded over 10+ videos and 50+ images on its own.

But do not worry, WhatsApp developers are great people and they have actually included an awesome feature in the settings which will allow you to disable media auto-downloads. If you will love to control which images and videos you download on whatsapp, kindly follow the steps below to disable auto-download of images and videos on your WhatsApp.

Step 1

The first step is to open your WhatsApp and click on the whatsapp menu, then select “Settings”

whatsapp auto download media (2)

Step 2

The second step is to select the “Chats and calls” option on the settings page

whatsapp auto download media (3)

Step 3

After clicking “chats and calls”, you will be taken to the chat settings page as shown in the image below. Select on “Media auto-download”

whatsapp auto download media (4)

Step 4

Select “when using mobile data” and untick all the options that pops up. Also select “when connected to Wi-Fi” and untick all the options that pops up. whatsapp auto download media (1)

once you untick all the options, save your settings and you can boldly say you are now in charge of your whatsapp downloads.

Over to You!

Do you prefer the Auto-download of Media on whatsapp? OR Do you prefer to be in Charge of your Whatsapp Downloads? Kindly tell us in the comments.


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